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D'Elia Company

Dal 1790 gioielli di favolosa qualità, rarità e preziosità

The story of D’Elia began in the eighteenth century when the family decided to procure pearls in Kobe in Japan, where products of fabulous quality, rarity and preciousness were born. And in the city of Kobe, the D’Elia family becomes a pioneer in the marketing of pearls, corals and shells.

The D'Elias elect Japan as their second homeland and the Japanese did not take long to reciprocate: starting with Kokichi Mikimoto, the initiator of pearl cultivation, in a collaboration that contributed to the economic development of pearls, up to the Japanese government which recognized the family Torrese as a friend of the Rising Sun.

The virtues of D’Elia have remained unchanged over the centuries: courage, genius, inventiveness, spirit of confrontation. These virtues have led D’Elia in the past to travel the world in search of the best raw materials, and today to constantly pursue excellence.

"Il futuro appartiene alle aziende che hanno una storia da raccontare".

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